[Download] Microsoft Released Windows 10 20H1 Build 18932 Image File

As usual, image files are not released until a Windows beta is released to the developer community, but we know that the developer community is now testing other versions of Windows 10.

So the Windows 10 20H1 branch version only has a developer beta and no public release for regular users, but even then Microsoft will periodically release a new image.

For example, Windows 10 Build 18932 released last week has already produced images, and now all users can install or upgrade through mirroring.

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Windows 10 Pro Product Key (Retail Version)

It is recommended to use a virtual machine for testing:

Although Microsoft has introduced image files to make it easier for new users to upgrade, it is certainly recommended to use virtual machine experience based on stability considerations.

The test version is updated more frequently and may have more problems, so it is not applied in the working environment, and the physical machine is not recommended to be directly upgraded.

Especially when you use a slower mechanical hard drive, it can be cumbersome to install or upgrade, let alone update it once a week.

How to download the latest Windows 10 20H1 image file:

Users need to register as a Windows Insider member, then use the Microsoft account to log in to the following website, and after agreeing to the terms, you can select and download the required version of Windows 10.

The consumer version provided by Microsoft includes the Windows 10 Professional Edition, Windows 10 Home Edition, Windows 10 Home Chinese Special Edition, and Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, all of the above are available in Chinese language.

Windows 10 20H1: All the changes so far

Improvements in eye control functions:

The drag and drop function is the basis of the eye control function, which is used to implement the mouse drag and drop operation. In this 20H1 update, Microsoft has successfully implemented the drag and drop function.

Eye Movement Control

When the eye control settings are turned on, the precise mouse control tool allows the user to drag and drop and combine click and drag with Ctrl/Shift.

Pause function: When the user closes his eyes or moves away from the screen for a short time, the eye control panel will be automatically hidden, which can be used to view full-screen content and so on.

Open source components: Microsoft provides open source components for eye control, which third-party developers can use to develop platform-supported eye control applications.

Setup Panel: The new Eye Control Settings panel provides more features and finer controls that better sense eye changes for more precise control.

Eye Control Settings

Other accessibility improvements:

The Narrator app can now automatically start reading webpage text or emails, which should be good if you like to be able to learn more quickly.

The Outlook app can also automatically open aloud when opening an email in your inbox. If you feel that the effect is not good, you can give feedback to Microsoft.

The magnifying glass feature is now available for black theme mode and text size options, and the improved magnifying glass can be seen even in black theme mode.

Improvements to the notification bar feature:

In the past few versions, Microsoft has been improving system notifications, such as automatically muting all notifications when Windows 10 turns on Focus mode.

However, it is difficult to find user slot notification settings and it is difficult to understand even if it is found. To solve this problem, Microsoft has adjusted the notification settings.

Notification feature improvements

For example, when a small card is received, an option will automatically appear to completely close the application notification, or go to the notification settings for this application.

When users want to get a deeper understanding of the application’s notification settings, you will find that there are pictures in the notification settings since this Windows 10 20H1 version.

Android image and Android notifications:

Windows 10 has increased the interaction with the Android mobile app, and this update has also received more improvements. For example, if there is a new call, its related notification can be directly transferred to the notification of Windows 10.

When the user sets the phone screen, the interface can interact with the keyboard and mouse. If not, click the notification to go to the interface of all notifications.

In addition, Your Phone app is now optimized for touch operations, so if you’re using a tablet, touch operation is now more convenient.