I took a Windows 10 key passing by Windows1024.com and it works nickel

Many people is looking for cheap and genuine product keys to activate their Windows 10 0S everyday. So I just bought a Windows 10 Pro OEM key on Windows1024.com

Received within 10 seconds, a photo of a PC label (so definitely stolen key). -> Non-functional key, I opened a ticket with their support. Windows 10 Product Key Under $50, Their support guarantees 30 minutes of replies, which have not been respected obviously (no matter what time, when we guarantee …;)

I paid by PayPal so I wait until tomorrow, before opening a PayPal claim if no reply from them giving me refund and/or valid key. So I strongly advise against this site, not serious at all, scam and stolen keys (if not volé…je do not know what it is).

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Yep Windows 10 family taken on the official Microsoft website and engraved on DVD with their soft. 🙂 For that I wanted to buy a key, to have a “clean” system. windows 10 home product key 64 bit. And I took the pro version in key, but I went through the Windows utility 10-Activate Windows-“I have a Windows 10 Pro key”, so no error possible.

You say you took the Windows 10 family version, so the key you bought is for the pro version, so it’s normal that it doesn’t work.. Unless I miss a episode XS

I will have to see what is still active on mine, I turned off a lot of things but it can be …

I had read that it was impossible to disable everything on the family version, but that it would be possible on the pro (otherwise, their bone is dead born, no box will pass on a OS that sends confidential data on the net). I took a pro version for this reason, but a lot of things remained active by default.

I understand your amazement but I assure you that no, I simply followed the “Wizard”. Win-> Activate-> instead of clicking “I own a family win10 key” I clicked “upgrade-> I have a Windows 10 Pro key”

Okay I was able to contact Microsoft Support, via Twitter + phone support, the guy at the phone (who spoke not super good French) took the remote control etc, working windows 10 product key, I took the opportunity to show him where I bought the key, he looked pretty shocked to see such low prices, but he confirmed that it could be legal keys , so no worries on that side.

On the other hand, he told me that as it was an OEM key, I had to contact Windows1024.com to ask them the ISO that goes with because with my current version it would not go. -_-


For info: My activation process was the right one, he confirmed it to me.

Result: I just have to wait for a response from the Windows1024.com support that guarantees 30 minutes, it’s 48 hours, but anyway. I open a claim ‘ PayPal, like that if I have no reply from Windows1024.com-> reimbursed by PayPal at least.

Um, you shouldn’t have told them about Cdkey365.com, sometimes they block the key because you didn’t buy it from an official dealer (I got the hang for a clone of Cdkey365.com and a game uplay) … As for the OEM, you have to go on a reinstall, and you put the key, if I do not say things, there are only 2 versions of Windows 10 (plus languages), so little chance of cheating you.

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I share my experience for OEMs, they do what they want, if you fall on a nice guy. My PC has taken a surge, so I took the opportunity to make a small upgrade (motherboard, Proc, RAM). When I called for reactivation I just said my motherboard burned I had to change it and the guy on the platform reactivated me without worries.

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