8 Tips to Speed Up WordPress Performance (UPDATED)

If your WordPress website opens slowly, it will reduce the user experience and the stability of keyword SEO rankings. Today I have compiled a few ways to speed up WordPress, hoping to help everyone!

The Effects of WordPress Site Speed

According to a report by Radware, a 2-second delay during a transaction can lead to abandonment rates of 87%. A slow website can impact brand loyalty. Visitors want results fast, regardless of where they get them and as a result, a slow website may damage a brands reputation.


If your WordPress is running on the Windows platform, we recommend the latest Windows 10 operating system. You can get the latest version of Windows 10 Pro key through the link below.

How to speed up wordpress site

Before we dive into WordPress speed optimization, we must understand the WordPress website classification: static or dynamic. Before optimization, we must explore the differences between these two types of sites.

1: Delete unnecessary plug-ins

What is an unnecessary plug-in? Don’t use plug-ins for problems that can be solved with PHP code. In addition, some non-essential functional plug-ins should also be deleted.

2: Turn off the theme’s Google fonts

If the Google service is disabled in the country where most of your visitors are located, we recommend that you seriously consider this matter.

3: Clear spam comments

With the improvement of anti-spam technology, Internet spam evaluation has been greatly reduced. However, once your WP website is indexed by Google, you will receive hundreds of spam emails in a short period of time. Spam comments are one of the important reasons that can cause the WordPress website to freeze and the server is overloaded.

4: Minify CSS / JavaScript Files

Compressed webpage code includes css, html, and js files. This process is very quick by using a WordPress minify plugin. The WP Super Minify plugin makes this extremely easy and the process will take less than a minute once you install the plugin.

5: Optimize image cache

Images are larger in size than plain text which means they take longer to load and can slow down your website. To improve your WordPress website speed, you need to optimize your images for the web.

Luckily, there are several WordPress image compression plugins that can help you with that.

6: Upgrade server and PHP version

In fact, the easiest is to upgrade the PHP version. The response speed of PHP 7.2 is more than 10 times that of PHP 5.6, which can save a lot of response time.

If you are just building a simple personal blog, you can run WordPress on shared hosting. But if you want to use WordPress for commercial purposes, it is best to buy a dedicated host or cloud host.


7: Use a content delivery network (CDN)

Essentially, a CDN takes all your static files on your site (CSS, Javascript and images etc) and lets visitors download them as fast as possible by serving the files on servers as close to them as possible.

Free CDNs for WordPress that have a Forever-Free Plan

  • CloudFlare
  • Incapsula
  • Photon by Jetpack
  • Swarmify

8: Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks

By default, WordPress interacts with other blogs that are equipped with pingbacks and trackbacks.

Every time another blog mentions you, it notifies your site, which in turn updates data on the post. Turning this off will not destroy the backlinks to your site, just the setting that generates a lot of work for your site.

[Download] Microsoft Released Windows 10 20H1 Build 18932 Image File

As usual, image files are not released until a Windows beta is released to the developer community, but we know that the developer community is now testing other versions of Windows 10.

So the Windows 10 20H1 branch version only has a developer beta and no public release for regular users, but even then Microsoft will periodically release a new image.

For example, Windows 10 Build 18932 released last week has already produced images, and now all users can install or upgrade through mirroring.

If you can’t wait to experience the power of Windows 10 20H1, the easiest way is to get a Windows 10 key, you can choose Key1024 with a good user reputation.

Windows 10 Pro Product Key (Retail Version)

It is recommended to use a virtual machine for testing:

Although Microsoft has introduced image files to make it easier for new users to upgrade, it is certainly recommended to use virtual machine experience based on stability considerations.

The test version is updated more frequently and may have more problems, so it is not applied in the working environment, and the physical machine is not recommended to be directly upgraded.

Especially when you use a slower mechanical hard drive, it can be cumbersome to install or upgrade, let alone update it once a week.

How to download the latest Windows 10 20H1 image file:

Users need to register as a Windows Insider member, then use the Microsoft account to log in to the following website, and after agreeing to the terms, you can select and download the required version of Windows 10.

The consumer version provided by Microsoft includes the Windows 10 Professional Edition, Windows 10 Home Edition, Windows 10 Home Chinese Special Edition, and Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, all of the above are available in Chinese language.

Windows 10 20H1: All the changes so far

Improvements in eye control functions:

The drag and drop function is the basis of the eye control function, which is used to implement the mouse drag and drop operation. In this 20H1 update, Microsoft has successfully implemented the drag and drop function.

Eye Movement Control

When the eye control settings are turned on, the precise mouse control tool allows the user to drag and drop and combine click and drag with Ctrl/Shift.

Pause function: When the user closes his eyes or moves away from the screen for a short time, the eye control panel will be automatically hidden, which can be used to view full-screen content and so on.

Open source components: Microsoft provides open source components for eye control, which third-party developers can use to develop platform-supported eye control applications.

Setup Panel: The new Eye Control Settings panel provides more features and finer controls that better sense eye changes for more precise control.

Eye Control Settings

Other accessibility improvements:

The Narrator app can now automatically start reading webpage text or emails, which should be good if you like to be able to learn more quickly.

The Outlook app can also automatically open aloud when opening an email in your inbox. If you feel that the effect is not good, you can give feedback to Microsoft.

The magnifying glass feature is now available for black theme mode and text size options, and the improved magnifying glass can be seen even in black theme mode.

Improvements to the notification bar feature:

In the past few versions, Microsoft has been improving system notifications, such as automatically muting all notifications when Windows 10 turns on Focus mode.

However, it is difficult to find user slot notification settings and it is difficult to understand even if it is found. To solve this problem, Microsoft has adjusted the notification settings.

Notification feature improvements

For example, when a small card is received, an option will automatically appear to completely close the application notification, or go to the notification settings for this application.

When users want to get a deeper understanding of the application’s notification settings, you will find that there are pictures in the notification settings since this Windows 10 20H1 version.

Android image and Android notifications:

Windows 10 has increased the interaction with the Android mobile app, and this update has also received more improvements. For example, if there is a new call, its related notification can be directly transferred to the notification of Windows 10.

When the user sets the phone screen, the interface can interact with the keyboard and mouse. If not, click the notification to go to the interface of all notifications.

In addition, Your Phone app is now optimized for touch operations, so if you’re using a tablet, touch operation is now more convenient.

Activation Tool for Windows 7/8.1/10 and Office 2016 Tutorial (Kmspico)

How To Activate Windows 10 Via Kmspico

Kmspico is a famous tool that activates Windows OS (including Windows 7, 8 and 10) and Microsoft Office. You only need to run it without having to control its automatic activation program. There may be a lot of netizens still do not know how to use, next I will give you introduce of how to use Kmspico tutorial, together to learn under it!

Note: Windows 7 installs .NET 4.0, while Windows 8 and later does not require!

Can be used to activate below software:

  • MS Office 2010, 2013, 2016
  • All versions of Windows 10 like Pro, Home, Enterprise and Education
  • All versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 professional n, enterprise n, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Vista professional n, enterprise n, Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Server Technical Preview build 9841/9860/9926 all versions
  • Windows Server 2008/2008 R2, standard, datacenter, enterprise full Edition
  • Windows Server 2012/2012 R2, Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2016 Essentials, Standard, Datacenter

How to Install Kmspico

Current version: Kmspico activation Tool v10.2.0 Official edition

First download the Kmspico activation tool v10.2.0 to your computer and unzip to the current folder, open the folder to run Kmspico_setup.exe, as shown:

Click the “Next” button.

Select the “I accpet the Agreement” tab-> Click the “Next” button.

Select a installation folder, and then click the “Next” button.

Check the “Don’t create a Start Menu folder” option-> Click the “Next” button.

Windows 10 activation in progress…

System activation is successful now! Reboot your computer to complete the activaiton.

Latest Windows 10 serial number product keys in May, 2018

Many users found that their WIN10 system is not activated, while other users found even if their Windows 10 activated, but can only use 180 days. Trouble comes, Windows 10 free upgrade service has been expired!! If a user want to use genuine WIN10 OS, you need the latest working Windows product key to activate Windows10.

Windows 10 Pro Product Key (Retail Version)

There are two ways for general activation. one is to use a valid Windows 10 product key (32/64 bit), the other way is to use a activation tool. Windows 10 Product Key 64 Bit. Microsoft has provided free product keys for full versions of Windows 10 like Pro, and now we will share the latest Windows 10 activation keys.

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Windows 10 Pro Professional activation Keys (32-bit and 64-bit are normal to use):

  • W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
  • MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
  • W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
  • KTNPV-KTRK4-3RRR8-39X6W-W44T3
  • 8N67H-M3CY9-QT7C4-2TR7M-TXYCV
  • CKFK9-QNGF2-D34FM-99QX3-8XC4K
  • MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
  • GC42Q-XHW4P-6HKVD-D3839-P6W8B
  • MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
  • X9NV3-MCH4F-M3G24-2PKR2-BTDT3
  • W269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX

Windows 10 Home product Keys (32-bit and 64-bit):

  • TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
Microsoft extends Windows 10 Free Upgrade, and Office 2019 is only Available on Windows 10

In response to customer requirements, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Enterprise and Education Edition and Windows 10 update including 1607 (annual update), 1703 (creator update) and 1709 (Autumn creator update) SAC versions will be extended for more than 6 months free upgrade product support. The original version of Windows 10 (Home & Pro), which was originally terminated last October 2017, was extended to April 10 of 2018.

Microsoft Office 2019 release calendar: Mark these dates

Microsoft announced news about Windows 10 and its newer Office Suite last week. The more important message is that the current three Windows 10 versions (Home, Pro, Enterprise) of the support period will be extended for half a year, while Microsoft Office 2019 will be rolled out in the second half of 2018, but it only support Windows 10 OS.

In the past, the Windows user can enjoy “5+5” support services, including the 5-year full support services mainstream support, as well as 5 years of security updates and functional repair, called extension support. Windows 10, Windows Server, and new office 2016 are turned to semi-annual channels (Semi annual Channel, SAC) updates. Releases two times a year, each product gets 18 months of security updates, and the Microsoft Office SAC version can only be performed on a supported version of Windows. For customers who do not want or cannot use the SAC update, they can still purchase Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Office 2016 for the Long Service channel (long-term servicing Channel, LTSC), which is equivalent to the previous 5+5.

Microsoft says extended support will give customers more time to import windows as a service.

Office-side messages include Office 365 professional enhancements and office 2019. First, Microsoft has clarified Office 365 Professional Enhancements (ProPlus) that will support Office and Networking functionality, it only valid on Windows 10 SAC. No longer supports all Windows 10 LTSC since January 14, 2020, Windows Server 2016 Previous versions and Windows 8.1.

If you still want to use Microsoft Office 2016, hurry to buy a product key to activate it! I recommend you to shop from this store: Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global

Next is Microsoft office 2019. The PC desktop version of Office 2019, announced at last year’s Ignite conference, will be shipped in the second half of the year, with new Office applications: Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Outlook 2019, and server-edition software Exchange, SharePoint with Skype for Business.

But according to Microsoft’s latest announcement, Office 2019 supports only Windows 10 SAC, Window 10 Enterprise version ltsc 2018, and next-generation Windows Server LTSC. Also, it is worth noting that the support of Office 2019 users will be shortened from 5+5 to 5+2 years. Microsoft explained that this is to coincide with Office 2016 support period, so the extension support will only expire until October 14, 2025.

Future Office 2019 client applications can only be installed via the Click-to-run feature and no longer provide MSI/Windows installer installation. Office Server Software is unaffected.

The same as Office 2019, Window 10 Enterprise LTSC 2018 will also be released this fall, the same functionality as the SAC version of Windows 10 Enterprise.

The update is evident in Microsoft’s push for a six-month update of Office and Windows users to the cloud. But Microsoft claimed they had no plans to end LTSC’s product licensing.


I took a Windows 10 key passing by Windows1024.com and it works nickel

Many people is looking for cheap and genuine product keys to activate their Windows 10 0S everyday. So I just bought a Windows 10 Pro OEM key on Windows1024.com

Received within 10 seconds, a photo of a PC label (so definitely stolen key). -> Non-functional key, I opened a ticket with their support. Windows 10 Product Key Under $50, Their support guarantees 30 minutes of replies, which have not been respected obviously (no matter what time, when we guarantee …;)

I paid by PayPal so I wait until tomorrow, before opening a PayPal claim if no reply from them giving me refund and/or valid key. So I strongly advise against this site, not serious at all, scam and stolen keys (if not volé…je do not know what it is).

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Yep Windows 10 family taken on the official Microsoft website and engraved on DVD with their soft. 🙂 For that I wanted to buy a key, to have a “clean” system. windows 10 home product key 64 bit. And I took the pro version in key, but I went through the Windows utility 10-Activate Windows-“I have a Windows 10 Pro key”, so no error possible.

You say you took the Windows 10 family version, so the key you bought is for the pro version, so it’s normal that it doesn’t work.. Unless I miss a episode XS

I will have to see what is still active on mine, I turned off a lot of things but it can be …

I had read that it was impossible to disable everything on the family version, but that it would be possible on the pro (otherwise, their bone is dead born, no box will pass on a OS that sends confidential data on the net). I took a pro version for this reason, but a lot of things remained active by default.

I understand your amazement but I assure you that no, I simply followed the “Wizard”. Win-> Activate-> instead of clicking “I own a family win10 key” I clicked “upgrade-> I have a Windows 10 Pro key”

Okay I was able to contact Microsoft Support, via Twitter + phone support, the guy at the phone (who spoke not super good French) took the remote control etc, working windows 10 product key, I took the opportunity to show him where I bought the key, he looked pretty shocked to see such low prices, but he confirmed that it could be legal keys , so no worries on that side.

On the other hand, he told me that as it was an OEM key, I had to contact Windows1024.com to ask them the ISO that goes with because with my current version it would not go. -_-


For info: My activation process was the right one, he confirmed it to me.

Result: I just have to wait for a response from the Windows1024.com support that guarantees 30 minutes, it’s 48 hours, but anyway. I open a claim ‘ PayPal, like that if I have no reply from Windows1024.com-> reimbursed by PayPal at least.

Um, you shouldn’t have told them about Cdkey365.com, sometimes they block the key because you didn’t buy it from an official dealer (I got the hang for a clone of Cdkey365.com and a game uplay) … As for the OEM, you have to go on a reinstall, and you put the key, if I do not say things, there are only 2 versions of Windows 10 (plus languages), so little chance of cheating you.

Microsoft Windows 10 Review & Rating – Buy Digital

I share my experience for OEMs, they do what they want, if you fall on a nice guy. My PC has taken a surge, so I took the opportunity to make a small upgrade (motherboard, Proc, RAM). When I called for reactivation I just said my motherboard burned I had to change it and the guy on the platform reactivated me without worries.

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